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Is there something your want to alter about your smile? At Wellesley Smiles Dental Professionals, we offer cosmetic dental treatments to turn your dream smile into a reality. Our team is passionate about helping you smile confidently, and we are excited to help you reach your goals.

We are proud to transform the smiles of the residents of Wellesley and the surrounding areas. You can trust that we will welcome you with respect and compassion, regardless of the current state of your smile.

You don't need to hide your smile, because aesthetic dental treatments can create the smile you have always wanted. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry, also called cosmetic dentistry, consists of the treatments and services that improve the appearance of your smile by addressing physical issues with your teeth and gums. These services are predominately cosmetic, but many also offer oral health benefits. From brightening your teeth for a formal event to straightening your teeth so you can smile confidently, our reliable cosmetic dental services can help you discover a smile you love.

Teeth Whitening: If your smile has become dim, then our reliable teeth whitening treatments can brighten your smile. Many foods and drinks, like tomato sauce, red wine, and coffee, can stain your teeth. We offer Philips Zoom in-office treatment to whiten your smile by multiple shades in a single appointment. Our team also offers custom take-home trays and whitening gel to brighten your smile or perform touch-ups in the comfort of your home.

Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are a highly versatile cosmetic treatment that can correct the appearance of worn, chipped, stained, or misshaped teeth. We offer porcelain veneers to create a beautiful, even smile. Our office can also create custom veneers from CEREC® to rejuvenate your smile.

Same-Day Crowns: If you lose or break a dental crown, our same-day crowns are an effective way to protect your tooth and renew your smile. We carefully craft a custom dental restoration that matches your natural teeth. Our team creates your personalized crown from CEREC so you can enjoy your new restoration the same day you visit us.

Bridges and Dentures: If you have multiple missing teeth, then our dental bridges and dentures may be the solution you're looking for. We artfully match your dental restoration to mirror the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth to recreate your smile. Our bridges and dentures look natural and restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile with ease.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners: It's natural to want a straight, beautiful smile, and for those with mild to moderate bite misalignments, we offer Invisalign treatment. This effective process straightens your teeth with a graduating set of clear aligners. These comfortable trays apply gentle pinpoint pressure to shift your teeth into their optimal position. Our Invisalign services allow you to change your smile discreetly and are available for patients age 16 and older.

Gum Contouring: When your gum line is low and covers most of your natural teeth, then you may have a gummy smile. We have a periodontist in our office who performs gentle and effective gum contouring to reshape your gums and reveal more of your teeth. This creates a harmonious balance of the gum-to-teeth ratio, resulting in a full smile.

Aesthetic Dentistry FAQs

We are dedicated to open and honest communication, which is why we encourage you to voice your questions and concerns. We are happy to provide the answers and information you need to feel confident in your treatment plan. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about cosmetic dentistry.

How long do dental crowns last?

Our custom dental crowns are durable and designed to withstand the forces exerted when you chew. These restorations can last for 10-15 years when properly cared for. Our team will provide instructions and tips to promote the integrity and longevity of your crown.

No. Invisalign clear aligners are removable, so you won't have to change your diet while straightening your teeth. When you eat or drink, you will simply remove your clear trays, enjoy your meal, brush your teeth and clean your trays, then put them back in to continue to realign your teeth.

Surface stains on your teeth are typically the result of highly pigmented foods and drinks or lifestyle habits like smoking. To preserve your fresh smile, it's best to limit deeply colored sauces like tomato sauce and curry, as well as drinks like red wine and tea. If you drink highly colored drinks, it's best to enjoy them through a straw so the liquid doesn't come into contact with your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Elevate Your Smile

When you want to change the appearance of your smile, you want a dental team who shares your vision and commitment. At Wellesley Smiles Dental Professionals, we offer cosmetic dental treatments to help you discover the smile you have always wanted. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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