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Snoring and Sleep Apnea Solutions

If you snore or suffer from sleep apnea, don't wait to seek treatment. Sleep apnea is a serious medical issue that affects both men and women. Sleep apnea causes a cessation in breathing while sleeping; this is something that can happen hundreds of times in one night. One cause of this is reduction in airflow to the lungs caused by an airway obstruction. The good news is, the Wellesley office of Dr. Murad Padamsee has extensive experience treating snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring & Sleep Apnea

How Snoring and Sleep Apnea is Treated

Usually, snoring and sleep apnea is treated with an oral appliance that works to open the airway. The majority of these devices separate the jaws and slightly push them forward, which improves the flow of oxygen. While these devices can replace CPAP treatments, they are not usually recommended for significantly overweight patients. These devices come in two varieties: fixed and adjustable. Here's a look at some of the most common appliances used in treating sleep apnea:

Klearway™ Appliance

The Klearway™ Appliance is a treatment that is often used to eliminate snoring. In addition, this appliance works to alleviate obstructive sleep disorder. Patients who use this appliance find it comfortable because it's crafted from Variflex™ heat-softening acrylic for the easiest insertion. To insert this appliance, simply run warm water over it to soften; it hardens up again after being placed.

OASYS Appliance

This appliance repositions the jawbone to move the base of the tongue forward. This is done to strengthen the upper airway and open up the oropharynx. The upper shield of the OASYS appliance creates a larger nasal opening, which in turn reduces airflow resistance.

Herbst Telescopic Appliance

This appliance is usually implemented for mild to moderate snoring and sleep apnea. Held in the mouth by friction grips and clasps, the Herbst Telescopic Appliance is crafted from durable acrylic and features easy-to-adjust metal wiring. Wearers can adjust the appliance both laterally and vertically without dislodging it, allowing for ultimate convenience.

TAP® 3 (Thornton Adjustable Positioner)

Yet another appliance used for treating snoring and sleep apnea is the TAP® 3. The Thornton Adjustable Positioner is a small, comfortable appliance that is custom-created in our Wellesley office to suit your individual needs. This appliance fits much like an athletic mouthguard and keeps the tongue from blocking the airway. Because the lower jaw positioner is adjustable, this appliance can easily be adjusted for comfort.

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